Sunday, February 8, 2009


Good Evening!

Okay, I thought i sent some pictures? Where did they go? Never Never Land? I watched Peter Pan with Malcolm and Maura this weekend. Maura is 2. WOW! It was great to see the grandkids again. Warms the heart.

The trek to Rutland (67 miles) that was feeling long and endless is a breeze after "Driving Miss Annie" all over the countryside. I remember when we saw our destination was only 67 miles we'd think, "that's easy". Of course, some of those destinations started with signs of "San Diego 550 miles.

Take care and keep on trucking. Love, Miss Annie

Friday, February 6, 2009



ok nashville
Good evening.

Marc is showing me how to put pictures in my posts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/28/09 Williston, Vermont


WE are back home and seeing the Green Mountains again was awesome. Our time on the road (17 days, 22 states) was great. We had many "once in a lifetime" adventures.

I couldn't name any one particular adventure was the best. It was all exciting, different, fun, tiring, challenging, awesome and totally great.

It's good to be home, even with the snow and shoveling. Miss Annie and Mr. Pete got along well and are even still talking to each other. We have many tips for those of you who want to travel by car across the country. Just let us know and we'll tell you all about it.

Thanks to all of you for keeping watch over us on our journey.

Take care and keep trucking, love, Miss Annie and Mr. Pete

P.S. Pictures coming, as soon as Miss Annie learns how. Mmmm, this may take awhile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

1/26/09 Near Hersey, Pennsylvania


Another long day on the road. Once again, Mr. Pete did most of the driving. He doesn't seem to mind. We put on over 500 miles today. Lots of trucks on the road and the Pennsylvania Turnpike was very winding and thru many tunnels. Interesting they didn't blast thru the mountains but built tunnels.

It feels funny to be on the east coast again. We have only been gone 15 days and have seen and done so much. No wonder I am so tired. The place we are staying today it the best motel room we have had yet. They have an indoor miniature golf course. Miss Annie will challenge Mr. Pete to game later after dinner.

I wonder if we can find any free Hersey chocolates? Mmmmmm!!!

We will be arriving in Vermont tomorrow, Mr. Pete's Birthday, one he said he just wants to forget. If he gets to forget his then Miss Annie gets to forget her's, too.

Take care, Keep trucking, Love Miss Annie and Mr. Pete.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/24/09 Booneville, Missouri


Once again we were on the road for a very long day. We left Burlington, Colorado at 7:15am and arrived here around 4:45pm. Plus we changed time zones so we had to move the clock ahead an hour. Todays drive was across Kansas all day and the scenery was flat,flat brown land that went on and on and on. There wasn't much to see.

We are not sure what our goal for tomorrow is. I have been told to sleep in so I am going to take advantage of that. Mr. Pete does like to tell me what to do and when I agree all is well. Just kidding! He has been a great traveling companion and we are getting along famously. He makes the best egg and tuna salad sandwiches, which we eat going 80 miles an hour. OOPS! While going 75 miles an hour. The speed limit has gone down. I must remember that.

Once again, we had a good dinner, at least I did. I don't think Mr. Pete enjoyed his too much. We went to a local place called "The Stein".

Keep on trucking, Love, Miss Annie and Mr. Pete

Friday, January 23, 2009

1/23/09 We Made it to Burlington!


Colorado, that is!! We drove a little over 600 miles today. Our goal was to get on the other side of Denver and we made it further than we thought we could.

We saw incredible sites on the drive today from Utah to Denver. We ran into a little snow and sleet on the pass (14,000 feet) but we made it thru. Sometimes they close the road so we were lucky.

Yesterday we drove thru Zion National Park. Kate, you were right, it was totally awesome. The tunnel thru the mountains was a little scary but we made it. Pete was driving and got a little nervous but the sights were worth it. Last night we stayed in Richfield, Utah.

This whole trip has been so great. I can't believe we are on our way back east. We are both freezing tonight. The cold we could do without.

Some of the sights we've seen today and throughout the trip have been sights we have only seen in pictures. Between the two of us we have probably said "WOW" hundreds of times.

Tonight we are in a motel that is probable over 50 years old but it has wireless. Yeah!

Take care and keep trucking! Love, Miss Annie and Mr. Pete

P.S. In twelve days I think I have only been called Louise(Nana) twice. Is that a record, or what?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20/09 Las Vegas, Nevada

Hey, Greetings from Miss Annie and Mr. Pete,

We are in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel right on the "Strip". The place is unbelievable. It's huge. There are lots of people. The drive from Imperial Beach took a little over 5 hours over the desert. It's quite desolate and not much to see.

My room here is on the 19th floor and Pete is on the 25th floor. I miss the ocean but Las Vegas is impressive in a different way.

At Imperial Beach we watched 3 sunsets that took your breath away. Sunday night was the most impressive and I could have watched it forever. We had lunch one day at the most southwestern bar and grill in the United States. It was one of the best meals we've had. On the beach you could see Mexico but we didn't go because Miss Annie forgot her passport. Mr. Pete was ready and I told him to go on his own but he didn't. Mr. Pete has been truly wonderful to Miss Annie and we are having a really good time.

The room here at the Flamingo is all white and marble and is quite comfortable. I was sleeping in this morning when Mr. Pete called my room at 8am. So I watched the swearing in of a new President. Took a leisurly shower, got dressed, went downstairs and walked thru a couple of casinos, walked outside for awhile (sunshine and quite warm)played a little. Finally called Mr. Pete and he was napping (turn about is fair play). We just went to lunch at Buffalo Bills Casino, it was very good. I must say we have quite fortunate in our choices of places to eat. We haven't been disappointed yet. So now I am blogging and Mr. Pete is napping again!

I am going to take my book and go outside and sit for awhile. Tomorrow we are headed to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Should be fun. Hope you are all warm and well.

Keep on Trucking! Love, Miss Annie and Mr. Pete